Mute Technology
Mute Technology

You are working hard outside, come home late at night and are afraid of waking up the baby
MINGMEN invented mute door locks, using damping and mute technology, opening and closing the door to reduce noise by 50%, accumulatively solving the troubles of millions of families

Good door lock, be silent

MINGMEN mute door locks

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New trend of silent door lock
new trend
  • In the questionnaire "What's wrong with the door lock you are using now?", among them:

    67.5%When users use the door lock, they say that the noise when switching is loud;

    20%Netizens think that the door locks used are not elegant enough in appearance;

    12.5% Netizens think that keys are easy to lose.

  • In the questionnaire "Does your home now need silent door locks to help reduce noise?", among them:

    95%Netizens expressed need.

  • Which family members do you think excessive noise affects?
    Respondents feel too much noise is affecting 'sleeping babies'
  • How do you feel the noise environment affects family members?
    Respondents believe that noise will reduce sleep quality and affect family health
  • Respondents considering buying silent door lock products for their family members?
    Respondents Consider Purchasing Silent Door Locks for Their Family

Data source: "China Household Quiet Consumption Trend Report", "China Door Lock and Home Hardware Quiet White Paper"

Big coffee's perspective: mute consumption trend
Celebrity Perspective
  • Shi Senglan
    Chairman of China Hardware Products Association

    "The advent of the silent door lock provides users with more user-friendly products, promotes technological progress in the industry, and contributes to improving the quality of life of consumers."

  • Zhang Dongli
    Executive Director of China Hardware Association

    "Silent door locks have quickly completed the initial market education. At present, almost all door lock companies have launched their own silent products. Silent door locks have become mainstream consumer products accepted by the industry and the market."

  • Tang Chongxi
    Vice President of China Industrial Design Association
    Tsinghua University Art and Science Research Center - Deputy Director of Design Strategy and Prototype Innovation Institute

    "Silent door locks can enhance and create new, more scientific, healthier and more reasonable ways of living and working."

  • Cai Yue
    President of Tencent Home

    "With the improvement of people's living standards, the small details that affect the family have begun to be paid attention to. The development of the silent door lock industry has become an inevitable trend of consumption upgrading."

  • Chen Ming
    Host of Hubei Satellite TV, once participated in "Wonderful Flower Talk" and "Super Speaker"
    Yu Qiuyu is known as "the most talking young man in the world"

    "Every one of us knows the noise of opening and closing doors, but we don't clearly realize the need for a very quiet environment for opening and closing doors. I personally think that families should have a very large demand for silent door locks."

  • Yang Jing
    famous social psychologist

    "Noise has become an invisible killer that affects physical and mental health. People are paying more and more attention to how to reduce noise sources and eliminate noise hazards, so as to create a quiet and peaceful living space."

  • Hu Shenzhi
    Renowned Relationship Psychologist

    "Silent door locks are very necessary for families. They can help people live in harmony with the environment, so that more harmony can come, which is in line with the psychology of people and the environment."

  • Liu Weijun
    famous interior designer
    Founder of PINKI brand

    "The silent door lock of Mingmen solves the noise troubles of many people in this era, and gives people a sense of satisfaction in the three dimensions of feeling, safety, and health, and it is also a manifestation of home quality."

  • Li Yimang
    Founder and General Manager of Beijing Guiyuan Jufang Industrial Design Co., Ltd.
    Taught in the Industrial Design Department of Beijing University of Science and Technology, Design Consultant of Famous Men

    "The internal structure of Mingmen silent door lock uses silent damping technology to achieve the purpose of noise reduction. The appearance of the product focuses on giving people a quiet psychological feeling in terms of material, color, etc., so that the door lock is quiet and consistent."

  • Chen Li
    Founder of silent door lock, Chairman of Guangdong Mingmen Lock Industry Co., Ltd.

    "A good door lock should not disturb consumers from the perspective of hearing. A good-looking door lock brings excellent visual enjoyment, smooth experience, and 360° sensory enjoyment."

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