Mute Technology
Mute Technology
Silent technological innovation, only for a better life

From product research and development to technological innovation, from process manufacturing to quality inspection,
Mingmen insists on scientific and technological innovation, enhances brand competitiveness, and provides consumers with brand-new, high-quality silent life experience.

  • 10 decibel20 decibel

    Being too quiet can cause discomfort

  • 30 decibel40 decibel

    Mingmen silent door lock decibel area

  • 50 decibel60 decibel
  • 70 decibel80 decibel

    Common door lock decibel area

  • 90 decibel

    Noise decibel area

50% noise reduction, enjoy a comfortable sound range
Quiet and comfortable

In the noisy modern life, noise pollution is everywhere. Noise will not only cause hearing damage to people, but also cause physical and psychological damage such as insomnia to a certain extent. Generally, the noise reaches more than 50 decibels, which affects the normal rest of human beings. If it reaches 70 decibels, it will damage the nerves. The noise of ordinary door locks closing the door reaches about 70 decibels. This sudden noise not only affects people's normal rest and work, but may also cause physical and mental damage to people.

Through insight into people's lives, Mingmen discovered the impact of the sound of opening and closing doors on people. Starting from the heart, using damping and silent technology, Mingmen silent locks reduce noise by 50% compared with traditional door locks, and control the sound of door opening and closing at 30~45 Decibels, the sound range most suitable for life and rest.

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The 4th generation silent system solution
Quiet system solutionvv
  • 1Mute door locks

    Adopting the active mute technology of the lock tongue, adding a damper, the lock tongue actively slows down the speed when extending and retracting, so as to achieve double silence; create a fully silent square tongue and the square tongue is implanted with nylon material, so that the square tongue is also flexible when it stretches and slides Very good mute effect.

  • 2Silent bumper

    Made by Japanese original factory, when the door is closed to 15°, use the damping and pulling function of the door closer to slowly close, reduce the impact sound of the door and the door frame, and prevent children from pinching their hands

  • 3Silent self-closing page

    0~90°automatically close the door, 90~180°arbitrarily stop the door.

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