Mute Technology
Mute Technology
2022 to date
  • Launched the 8° direct push silent door lock, with the silent door flip lock body, quiet experience new upgrade

  • A total of 126 patents related to famous door mute technology have been applied, of which 62 have been approved. The door lock mute technology is pursuing the world's leading.

  • Guangzhou Construction Expo, famous door launched the new 5th generation of silent lock -- silent direct push lock, from the "visual, auditory, tactile" three dimensions, to provide users with higher quality door lock use value.

  • In July, at the Guangzhou Construction Expo, Mingmen released a series of smart black technologies such as face recognition, mobile APP, under-screen recognition, and invisible fingerprint handles.

  • In April, held the 416 Noise Day Public Welfare Forum, and released the micro-movie "Silent Love", calling on the public to pay attention to the harm of indoor noise to intimate relationships, which resonated with young users

  • In April, the blue book "China's Household Quiet Consumption Trend" was released globally for users, and it is committed to promoting the industry to continuously meet and even guide consumers' constantly upgrading consumption needs.

  • Released the 4th generation silent door lock. In the same year, the first split indoor mute fingerprint lock of Mingmen was launched, realizing the combination of silence and intelligence.

  • In July, the industry-specific "White Paper on Silent Door Locks and Home Hardware in China" was released globally, dedicated to promoting the industry to establish silent standards for door locks and leading the upgrade of industry categories.

  • In June, a silent testing laboratory was established.

  • Awarded "China's Leading Enterprise of Silent Door Locks" by China Hardware Products Association.

  • Launched the third generation silent door lock.

  • Launched the image of the 4th generation specialty store - Mingmen silent door lock experience hall.

  • Strategically positioned as "silent door lock", we are committed to creating a "world-class brand of silent door lock" and becoming synonymous with "silent door lock".

  • Launched the second generation silent door lock (magnetic).

  • Launched the first generation of silent door locks, inventing a new category of silent door locks.

  • Officially set up a project to develop silent door locks.

  • The concept of "silent door lock" was proposed and extensively demonstrated.

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