Brand History
Brand History
  • 2022
    K5 to K10 series intelligent locks are equipped with active visual intercom, large screen cat eye, finger vein unlock, 3D face recognition unlock and other black technology functions, to open the market with product force, and constantly expand their own channel selection and strengthen brand power shaping.
    Famous Door Focus silent door lock, introduced a minimalist series of indoor smart lock, 8° direct push silent door lock, silent flip lock body, quiet experience new upgrade, explore the living art space.
    In October, Mingmen mute lock body oblique tongue buffer structure won the United States invention patent certificate
    In August, the 6th China Household Brands Conference in 2022 was held in Beijing, and 36 "Top Ten Preferred brands of Chinese Household" lists were released. Among them, famous silent door lock was listed as "Top Ten preferred door & smart door lock brands". It is one of the ten representative brands with excellent operation and service performance in the entry door and smart door lock segment in 2021-2022.
    In July, at the first China (Guangzhou) Smart Home Technology and the 6th Sunflower Award Ceremony in 2022, Mingmen won "2022 Smart Lock industry Attitude Figure -- Chairman of Mingmen Lock Chen Li", "2022 Smart Lock Industry TOP20 -- Mingmen", "2022 Smart Lock Industry Technology Innovation Product Award -- D1 Automatic Smart lock" three major awards.
  • 2021
    In October, Mingmen opened the era of K series smart locks, and released K2, K3, K4 face recognition & visual cat's eye smart locks, which are safer, more convenient and smarter.
    In July, at the 2021 10th Wooden Door + Product Conference with the theme of "Wooden Door +, Origin·Symbiosis", with the theme of "Minimalist Silent System and Intelligent Evolution", Mingmen comprehensively presented the digital intelligence of Mingmen in door locks On the one hand, technological innovations around the ultimate user experience.
    In July, Mingmen brought D1, K1 automatic smart lock, S01D indoor smart lock, 13 silent mechanical locks and 10 door lock system supporting solutions to the Guangzhou Construction Expo, bringing consumers a new experience of door locks.
    In March, Guangdong Mingmen Lock Industry Co., Ltd. was rated as the preferred supplier of TOP500 comprehensive strength of Chinese real estate development enterprises in 2021, smart door locks, and the preferred supplier of top 500 comprehensive strength of Chinese real estate development enterprises in 2021, and the preferred supplier of mechanical locks. Lock even topped the list with a 26% brand preference rate.
  • 2020
    In December, Mingmen Silent Door Lock won the "National Smart Lock Industry Quality Improvement Activities Demonstration Enterprise", "Consumer Favorite Brand", "Golden Hook Supreme Award", "Golden Hook Star Award", "Golden Hook Award", "Functional Experience Quality Product Award", "Safety Performance Quality Product Award", "Durable Quality Product Award" and other 8 items Grand prize, come home with honor.
    In September, Mingmen silent door lock won the "2019-2020 Top Ten Preferred Home Hardware Brands"
    In August, the famous door push-pull smart lock P8 was launched, and won the German Red Dot Industrial Design Award.
    In 2020, Mingmen will cooperate with China Daily Hardware Technology Development Center to lead the formulation of industry standards and group standards for silent door lock systems;
  • 2019
    In December, Guangdong Mingmen Lock Industry Co., Ltd. was elected as the executive director unit of the sixth council of China Hardware Association
    In November, the "Technical Change Theory" held by China Wooden Door Technology Alliance of Mingmen Silent Direct Push Lock - the 7th China Wooden Door Technology Conference won the "Golden Wisdom Award".
    In July, Mingmen smart lock won 4 awards at the Guangzhou Construction Expo, including the leading brand of Chinese ingenuity smart locks, the leading brand in the smart lock industry, the technology innovation product award for smart locks, and the contribution award for advanced manufacturing companies in the smart lock industry.
    At the Construction Expo in July, Mingmen launched the fifth generation of silent door locks - silent direct push locks; the "Group Standard for Silent Door Locks" initiated by Mingmen was officially launched with the approval of China Hardware Products Association. In November, Mingmen became the "Executive Director Unit" of the Sixth Council of China Hardware Products Association.
  • 2018
    In July, at the Guangzhou Construction Expo, Mingmen released a series of smart black technologies such as face recognition, mobile APP, under-screen recognition, and invisible fingerprint handles.
    In April, the 416 Noise Day public welfare forum was held, and the micro-movie "Silent Love" was released, calling on the public to pay attention to the harm of indoor noise to intimate relationships, which aroused resonance among young users.
  • 2017
    China Hardware Products Association awarded the first "China Smart Lock Famous Brand" honor; became one of the most awarded enterprises in the first smart lock "Sunflower Award" of the Construction Expo, including "2017 Smart Lock Product Gold Award" and "Smart Lock Industry Quality and Safety Product Award" and other 5 awards (issued by China Jianbo Sunflower Award Smart Lock Selection Committee).
    Mingmen Mute Door Lock exclusively sponsored Liang Jingru's concert in Shenzhen, and hosted the Zhongshan special session of the China Siege League, opening a new model of industry marketing.
    Released the 4th generation silent door lock, and launched the first split indoor silent fingerprint lock of Mingmen in the same year, realizing the combination of silence and intelligence.
    In April, the blue book "China's Household Quiet Consumption Trend" for users was released globally, and it is committed to promoting the industry to continuously meet and even guide consumers' constantly upgrading consumption needs.
  • 2016
    In July, the industry-specific "White Paper on Silent Door Locks and Home Hardware in China" was released globally, dedicated to promoting the industry to establish silent standards for door locks and leading the upgrade of industry categories.
  • 2015
    Awarded "China's Leading Enterprise of Silent Door Locks" by China Hardware Products Association.
    In June, a silent testing laboratory was established.
  • 2014
    Launched the image of the 4th generation specialty store - Mingmen silent door lock experience hall.
    Launched the third generation silent door lock.
  • 2013
    Became the team leader unit for the drafting of national standards and industry standards in the lock making industry, and won the "High-tech Enterprise" (issued by Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, Guangdong Provincial State Taxation Bureau, and Guangdong Provincial Local Taxation Bureau), "China Top Ten Big Lock King" (issued by China Hardware Products Association), "Guangdong High-tech Products" (issued by Guangdong High-tech Enterprise Association), "Best Category Innovation Award of the Year" (issued by "Sales and Market" magazine), etc.
    Launched the second generation silent door lock (magnetic).
    Strategically positioned as "silent door lock", we are committed to creating a "world-class brand of silent door lock" and becoming synonymous with "silent door lock".
  • 2012
    Invented a new category of silent door locks.
  • 2007
    The image of exclusive stores is promoted nationwide. At present, there are more than 700 exclusive stores nationwide, with more than 1,000 sales outlets.
  • 2005
    Zero defect passed the ISO9001-2000 quality system certification of German RWTUV company.
  • 2004
    Established the quality inspection center of Mingmen. There are only 37 national testing standards for mechanical locks, and 37 items have been added independently by Mingmen; there are 74 national testing standards for fingerprint locks, and 48 items have been independently added by Mingmen.
  • 2003
    The F-Series was launched with great success.
  • 2002
    Launched villa door locks, sliding door locks, etc.
  • 2001
    Apply the aesthetic concept to the door lock industry, and launch the first original design of Mingmen.
  • 1999
    The handle lock was launched, witnessing the industry's transition from the ball lock to the handle lock era.
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