Mute Technology
Mute Technology
Good door lock, be silent
silent door lock

The internal structure of MIingmen mute door locks uses silent damping technology to achieve noise reduction. From design to material, from style to color, the appearance of the product is condensed to simple shape, embellishing the comfortable space.

From the inside out, freehand and silent life.

Produced by masters
Senior Designer

Cooperating with many outstanding designers at home and abroad, multi-dimensional integration of appearance, function, material and product experience, with forward-looking design, showing the essence of aesthetics, combining humanities and technology.

From oriental background to international perspective, Mingmen insists on original design, providing users with a new experience of home aesthetics.

  • Zhao Zhigang

    Founder of Yadingshan Design Studio
    Creative Executive Director of Youguo Culture Communication Co., Ltd.

  • Chen Haoxin

    Graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts
    Taught at South China Normal University

  • Markus Wikar

    Participated in the Finnish Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo (Chief Designer)
    Warsaw Ghetto Memorial, Exhibition Hall of the Finnish Nature Center

  • Likka Airus

    Mingmen Design Consultant
    Designer of Finland Pavilion in Shanghai World Expo

  • Jia Wei

    Chinese famous designer
    Chairman of Rococo Innovation Design Group
    Founder of Luoke Shared Design Platform

  • Li Yimang

    Background Founder and General Manager of Guiyuan Jufang Industrial Design Co., Ltd.
    Teaching at the Department of Industrial Design, University of Science and Technology Beijing
    Founder of Luoke Shared Design Platform

excellent designer
Four styles, enjoy the beauty of door locks
Four styles

In 2001, Mingmen applied the aesthetic concept to door locks and launched the first original design of Mingmen.

Actively introduce well-known foreign and domestic design teams from France, Finland, Italy, etc., form a strategic partnership, and promote famous products to become the choice of people with high taste.

The four major styles of modern simplicity, simple European style, European classical style, and Chinese classical style can fully meet your decoration needs.

  • 01
    Simple European style

    Simple European style, romantic and luxurious. Absorbing the "form and spirit" characteristics of the traditional European style,
    Create an elegant, natural and noble temperament.

    Harp Series
    Flower rhyme series
    Elegant black series
  • 02
    modern minimalist

    Clean and neat lines, simple and clear outlines are an attitude towards life,
    It is also the fashion of modern civilization.

    Coffee Knight Series
    Moon Ji Series
    Mercedes Benz series
  • 03
    European classical

    Gorgeous decoration, elegant shape, portrayed in the exquisite life.

    Versailles series
    Vienna Series
    Versailles series
  • 04
    Chinese classical

    Listen quietly, whispering from the Han, Tang, and Song Dynasties to the present,
    A new interpretation of the classic between opening and closing again and again.

    Lingering Garden Series
    Fangyuan series
    Lingyun series
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